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Erinnerungen - Page 1 of the yearbook which has a beautiful sketch
          of the castle, the Holy Ghost Church, and the rooftops of the buildings
          in downtown Heidelberg.

Yearbook History - This page has pictures of the yearbook staff and a history
          of the yearbook and the meaning of the word "Erinnerungen" which is
          what the yearbook was named.

Yearbook Staff - The history of the yearbook continued and a listing of the
          yearbook's staff.

Dedication - The 1948 yearbook was dedicated to Mr. Charlson.  His photo
          and the dedication is on this page.

Student Life - Intro page with sketches of students dancing and playing cards.

Student Life 2 - Misc. photos of students in class, a teacher in action, the
          dorm Mom, outside the castle.

Student Life 3 - Misc. photos of students playing baseball, in the mountains,
          the team bus, and more.

Student Life 4 - Misc. photos in the dorms and in class.

Student Life 5 - Misc. photos of students in Vienna, a student with his rifle,
          a cheerleader, students down on a farm, and more.

Student Life 6 - Miscellaneous photos of students out on the town.

Student Life 7 - Misc. photos of students, including photos of students in

Student Life 8 - Misc. photos of students goofing off.

Student Life 9 - Photos of the junior-senior prom.

Student Life 10 - Misc. photos of Juniors.

Student Life 11 - Misc. photos of Juniors.

Seniors - Class of 1948

To the Seniors - A very nice note to the senior class from Mr. Evans.

Senior Activities - A note about the senior class.

Senior Intro Page - Sketches of students in caps and gowns.

Senior Pictures 1 - Pictures and bios of seniors:  Carolyn Akin,
          Richard Browne, & Malcom Bryant.

Senior Pictures 2 - Pictures and bios of:  John Cooper, Nancy Dierking,
          & Carolyn Drengwitz.

Senior Pictures 3 - Pictures and bios of:  John Fitch, Gwen Graham, and
          Jim Jamison.

Low Down on the Seniors 1 - Info on seniors: nicknames, pet peeves,
          wants, sayings, favorite song, philosophy.  Seniors on this page are:
          Carolyn Akin, Malcolm Bryant, Richard Browne, John Cooper,
          Nancy Dierking, John Fitch, Gwen Graham, Jim Jamison, Margaret
          Johnson, William Kistler, Fred Knipp, and John Kossyk.

Low Down on the Seniors 2 - Info on seniors: nicknames, pet peeves,
          wants, sayings, favorite song, philosophy.  Seniors on this page are:
          Wallace Leatham, Lois McClosky, Lawrence Mitzen, Katherine Murray,
          Paul Richhart, Ted Rowe, Jane Simmons, Charles Spelman, Elaine
          Stacey, Gloria Slagel, and Julia Wolford.

Senior Pictures 4 - Pictures and bios of:  Margaret Johnson, William Kistler,
          and Fred Knipp.

Senior Pictures 5 - Pictures and bios of:  John Kossyk, Wallace Leatham,
          and Lois McCloskey.

Senior Pictures 6 - Pictures and bios of:  Larry Mitzen, Katherine Murray,
          and Paul Richhart.

Senior Pictures 7 - Pictures and bios of:  Ted Rowe, Jane Simmons, and
          Gloria Slagel.

Senior Pictures 8 - Pictures and bios of:  Charles Spelman, Elaine Stacey,
          and Julia Wolford.

Senior Superlatives - Pictures of the King and Queen of HAHS, Chuck
          Spelman and Lois McCloskey; Most Popular Boy, Larry Mitzen; Boy
          Most Likely to Succeed, Fred Knipp; and the Most Popular Girl,
          Katherine Murrey.

Juniors - Class of 1949

Underclassmen - Cute sketch that introduces the underclassmen's sections.

A Word from Chuck - Letter to the Junior Class from Chuck Spelman, Senior
          Class President.  Great sketch on this page as well.

Junior Officers - Photo of the Junior Class officers:  Paul Gerard, Mary Ellis,
          William Holliday, and Bill Bond.  Also, information on the Junior class.

Junior Portraits 1 - Nancy Amdur, Helen Banks, Charline Bishop, William
          Bond, Steve Bukovitz, Edward Conrad, Jim Dunn, and Mary Ellis.

Junior Portraits 2 - Paul Gerard, Barbara Guerke, Lynn Harpole, William
          Holliday, Don Hoopert, Helen Keller, Neil McGartney, and John Peters.

Junior Portraits 3 - Neal Reichie, Delores Reid, Susanne Smith, Stephen
          Urette, Jerry Vernon, Dean Schambin, John Penz, and Florence Currier.

Sophomores - Class of 1950

Sophomore Intro - Picture of Sophomore President Allan Johnson and
          Treasurer Dave Dickson.  Information on the Sophomore class.

Sophomore Portraits 1 - Beverly Banko, Nina Bishop, Ray Boswell, Hazel
          Brown, Albert Burns, Alta Clark, Sue Clark, and Catherine Cooper.

Sophomore Portraits 2 - Dave Dickson, Suzanne Drysdale, Cynthia Gardner,
          Jim Hayes, William Johnson, Joan Murphy, Ann Nolen, and Fred

Sophomore Portraits 3 - Joseph Pettet, David Roth, F.C. Scott, James
          Spellman, Jane Thomas, Bonnie Walker, Charles Whitman, & Karla

Freshmen - Class of 1951

Freshmen Intro - Freshmen officers and info on the Freshmen class.

Freshmen Portraits 1 - Alvijean Anderson, Jim Bray, Betty Conrad, Marion
          Denlinger, Bill Deverell, Joan Dudley, Fred Evans, and Joan Ford.

Freshmen Portraits 2 - Keelin Fry, Ray Gunderson, Mary Hoffman,
          Jonathan Hauck, Janet Leatham, Bob McCloskey, Carolyn Miles, and
          Paul Mitzen.

Freshmen Portraits 3 - Peter Perrine, William Shields, Debby Sweet, Jean
          Vores, Diane Webb, Robert Wiley, Nancy Williams, & Barbara Fenton.


Student Council - Pictures of H.H.S.'s very first student council and information
          on their fundraisers and other projects.

Sketch - Just some sketches on this page.

Boys' Dormitory - Pictures of dorm students and the dorm supervisor. 
          Information on the boys' dorm.

Girls' Dormitory - Picture of the dorm mother, Mrs. Wirth, and information on
          the girls' dorm.

Groups and Organizations - Intro page with a great sketch.

Dramatics - Information on the Drama Club and various pictures of the club,
          including a picture of students standing outside the school.

Girls' Chorus - Pictures of the girls' chorus and information on the group.

Student Prints 1 - Interesting information on the formation of our school
          newspaper and photos of the newspaper staff.

Student Prints 2 - Continuation of the history of the Student Prints and the
          newspaper staff.


Sports Intro Page - Sketches of various sport scenes.

Baseball Team - Information on the baseball team and the team photo.

Basketball 1 - Info on the basketball team and an action picture from a game.

Basketball 2 - Photos of "Munich's Mauling."

Basketball 3 - Individual pictures of the basketball team.

Basketball 4 - Team photo and information on the team's season.

Shell Racing Crew - Information on a new sport at HHS, shell racing, which
          looks like canoeing.  Pictures of the team.

Football 1 - Picture of the football coach, Lt. Sosman, and information on the
          1948 football team's games.

Football 2 - Individual pictures of the football team.

Football 3 - Individual pictures of the rest of the football team.

Cheerleaders 1 - Nice photo of the cheerleading squad with the school's flag
          in the background.

Cheerleaders 2 - More photos of the "yell squad."


Faculty 1 - Faculty photos of:  Lt. Bradford, Mr. Evans, and Miss Linck.

Faculty 2 - Faculty photos of:  Mr. Charlson, Miss Tilley, Mr. Hawks, and
          Miss Mafernee.

Faculty 3 - Photos of:  Miss Carkhuff, Mrs. Upton, Dr. Syben, and Miss Piel.

Faculty 4 - Faculty photos of:  Mr. DeWitt and Mrs. MacDonald.

Faculty 5 - Photos of S/Sgt. Brawley, Pvt. Geiger, and the school mess staff.

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